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What To Do In Hua Hin
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What To Do In Hua Hin?

Besides our comprehensive tour & excursion program, Hua Hin offers many attractions and opportunities to to explore by yourself. here are some of the choices.




Thefair-market "Chat Chai" in Hua Hin.

You do not have to leave Hua Hin to experience the genuine Thailand. A visit to the local fair market offers unforgettable memories. This is above all a local people market and you will experience that they trade live chickens, seafood, fruits, flowers, vegetables, meat, parts for motorcycles, ready-made food and much more. Located at Sra Song Road


The Night Market in Hua Hin.

Was initially made especially for the fishermen who came in late at night so they had a place where they could go and eat, soon it also became popular among the local residents to go to the market in the cooler evening air. Booths are usually set up at dusk and the market lasts until approx. at 24.00, much of what is being sold is food and drink, but you also find many stalls with fake goods, watches, music, souvenirs, etc. This market is very popular among the Bangkok and foreign visitors. Definitely worth a visit. Located at Dechanuchit Road


The Weekend Market in Hua Hin.

Is another night market, which has become so popular that it is open Wednesday to Sunday. They sell everything from food to fruit, vegetable, electronics, souvenirs, music, counterfeit goods, etc. The market varies somewhat from week to week, as there often are different vendor for each week, here you can if you like, really go into the culinary experience, try any. fried beetle in chili or honey. Located on Petchkasem Road on the opposite side of the Marriott hotel and next to the San Paolo Hospital.


The Market Village in Hua Hin.

The Market Village is a modern new shopping center, where you will find trendy clothes shops, a cinema, a bowling center, a Lotus supermarket, kids playground, food courts, restaurants and much more. Here you will find almost everything you need. Located on Petchkasem Road.


Cicada Market (market of art).

This is more than a market, this venue at Suan Sri (near the Hyatt Regency, Khao Takiab) is a whole community featuring culture, art & dynamic activities in a open and clean area bounded by tropical trees. at Cicada market you will find small open shops, with a trendy and open selection of fine arts & crafts, accessories, antiques, books secondhand goods etc. On the stage and open areas you will find performers, actors, dancers and much more and if you are hungry there are also plenty of options to go exploring. This market is open Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs. 



Hua Hin beach.

More than 6 km of beach stretching from the Hilton Hotel to Khao Takiap, here you will find many hotels, restaurants and even private homes overlooking this fine sandy beach. Normally you can walk the full length, but at high tide or strong winds the water can cover the narrow stretches of beach. Be aware that the beach is cleaned on Thursdays, which may imply that there are no beach chairs.


Suanson beach.

Situated just 10 minutes south of Hua Hin, Suanson Beach is one of the many beaches that locals go to if they want to relax and swim. Here you can get food and drink and there is also access to toilets. Part of the beach is located in a military area and  legimitation is required to gain access.


Phu Noi beach.

Approximately one hour south of Hua Hin is the National Park Sam Roy Yod and Phu Noi Beach. From there you can take a boat trip to nearby islands, which have simple reefs. The boat trip takes approx. 30 minutes, and can be ordered in advance from the Dolphin Bay Resort. If you're lucky you will be accompanied by some of the gray dolphins found in this area.


Cha-Am beach

The fine sandy beach at Cha Am north of Hua Hin, is a popular destination for residents of Bangkok, especially the weekend. There are many good seafood restaurants and the atmosphere is calm and pleasant.


Koh Tao Island.

Nearly four hours south of Hua Hin is the town of Chumporn. From here you can go to the beautiful island of Koh Tao. The boat tour takes about two hours. A simple trip by train / bus and boat costs around. 500 Bath. A night on the island cost from 700 Bath. Western Tours Hua Hin can also arrange the travel and accommodation for you.


Koh Samui Island.

From Hua Hin you can also go to the popular island of Koh Samui. you will need to take a boat from the seaport of Chumporn. Western Tours Hua Hin can also arrange the travel and accommodation for you.




Khao Takiap (Chopstick Mountain).

If you go to the southern of Hua Hin beach, you will come to Khao Takiap or as it also called Chop Stick Mountain or Monkey Mountain. Up on the hill lies a temple (consider of having appropriate clothing if you visit this). The monkeys who live up there waiting to be fed with bananas and nuts. Be careful with your camera and other things that you are not willing to loose, because the monkeys can get very close and grap any plastic bags or other items that they believe is food or contains food. be cautious, as they can also bite if they get teased or if denied food. At the foot of the mountain there are some small restaurants serving excellent crab dishes. At the bottom, at the part called Takiab, you will find a small temple and a 20 meter high standing Buddha.


Eastern Oriental Express.

One of the world's most expensive and most talked about trains going between Singapore and Bangkok. The train stops at several stations along the trip, including Hua Hin, where it stops for about 10 minutes. It is popular to take a stroll up to the train station to see the famous train. sometimes you can get a glimpse of the finely dressed guests who are on their way to the restaurant at the rear of the train to eat dinner a little glimpse of past nostalgy.

Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Kaeng Krachan is Thailand's largest national park, with its 2,920 km2 covering almost half of Petchaburi province. Although the park is one of the most pristine areas of evergreen forests in Thailand and hardly known by tourists, it has an excellent network of trails that are ideal for trekking. Here live at least 40 species of Thailand's large mammals such as tiger, leopard, elephant, gibbons, bears and various types of monkeys. For those who want to observe birds, Kaeng Krachan Reservoir offers the 45 km2 large lake with excellent opportunities, especially during periods where migratory birds nest and find food at the lake. There is also possibility of accommodation in the park in simple bungalows. It is strongly recommended to hire a local guide if you want to go trekking.


Pala U Waterfall.

About 60 km. from Hua Hin lies  Pala U waterfall, which actually consists of a total of 11 different waterfalls. One can drive by car to Pala U, but from the end of the road you must walk the last stretch through the wooded nature to reach the waterfall. Expect to spend a whole day if you want to reach to see all the waterfalls. Do not forget to take swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes with. Expect to pay the national park entrance fee.


Take a day trip and visit  the city of Petchaburi.  It is a good opportunity to try the local orange buses without air conditioning, since the trip only takes an hour. In Petchaburi you can visit Rama IV's summer palace (Phra Nakhon Khiri), which is now a museum. It's also nice to take a stroll in town and just look at the shops, admire the beautiful teak houses and experience the local Thai life.


Prachuap Khirikhan.

Take the train or bus to the provincial capital located about two hours south of Hua Hin. Prachuap Khirikhan is often called "Thailand's Rio de Janerio" because of the beautiful sugar top-like mountains. There are approx. 150 km to Prachuap Khirikhan, but if you go by train it takes time because the train runs slowly and stops at every little station on the way. but if you have time the train is very special way for you to discover Thailand.


Teak Palace Mareukkha-Thayawan.

Between Cha Am and Hua Hin, King Rama VI built a summer palace (Mareukkha-Thayawan) consisting only of teak wood. The palace is impressive, it was built in 1922 and stands 2.5 meters above ground on 1800 teakwood poles. After King Rama VI's death the palace was left empty and soon fell into decay. the decay of the palace lasted  until the mid-80s when renovation was begun. Today it is open to all and the beautiful building is definitely worth a visit. 


Hua Hin Hills Vineyard.

Believe it or not, but you can find a real vineyard in Hua Hin. located approx. 40 km west of Hua Hin in the mountain areas on the same road as to Pala U waterfall. Visitors to the vineyard will be offered a tasting of the vineyards wines called Monsoon Valley. You can also get a elephant ride through the vineyard in lovely surroundings and with great vistas. Worth a day trip for types of visitors the vineyard is closed for visitors on Mondays.




Massages & Spas.

Visit one of Hua Hin massage institutes for traditional massage. Try Thai massage, oil massage, foot massge, orchid bath, body scrub pedicure, manicure and much more. Many of the 5 star hotels have their own excellent massages & spas, but normally at higher prices than the regular massage shops.


Hua Hin Morning Walk.

Get up early one morning, like between 05:00 to 06:00 and see if Hua Hin wake up. The harbor comes to life when the fishing boats come in with the nights catch. Outside the houses the women sit on low tables and give food to the monks who pass. A early morning stroll will show you another exciting side of Hua Hin and Thailand.


Ladyboy show.

Men who dress in womens clothes is a normal sight here in Thailand. Some appear in "Drag Queen Shows" which often consists of parodies of famous artists. In Hua Hin centre at night you will find the ladyboys giving leaflets and advertising for their show. There admission is free , but most drinks cost around. 120 Bath. The actors is happy amateurs, but it can be entertaining and above all funny & different.


Thai Boxing (Muay Thai).

There are two places in Hua Hin where you can experience real Thai boxing matches. Even though the winner only gets a small amount of money, they still put on a good show with exciting and intense battles with many spectators and high mood. Each match is at max. five rounds. the boxers uses the arms, legs, knees and elbows in the fighting and sometimes there are also youth matches. You will find one arena on "Poon Suk Road", opposite the Hua Hin temple and the other arena is located next to the Grand Hotel and the weekend market. The matches are announced in several places in Hua Hin. Expect to pay entrance fee